"We believe that art and science together could play a role in changing the current path of humanity. "
-J. Turrell-

How do individuals and communities develop collective capacities
to perceive, hear, make sense and transform together?

How to promote the emergence and systematization
of individual and collective knowledge?

What are the structures, capacities and practices to facilitate and energize
individuals and communities towards new ways of knowing and doing?

New Paradigms

The paradigms that have governed the educational field for the last 300 years have been completely changed. In the last 40 years, science and technology have transformed our understanding in relation to human potential, the processes of child and adult development, the plasticity of the brain, the multiplicity of intelligences and their ability to change.

These changes in the field of knowledge, technological evolution and the effects of globalization in our daily lives force us to reflect on our work as educators and as social and cultural agents.

Critical Moment

It is in this reflection that we visualize that essentially human and cultural capacities are at risk. Lack of sensorial and natural contact and affective bonds are blurring individual and social human sensibility.

In this context, it is imperative to rethink what it means to educate today; to commit ourselves to the redefinition of educational spaces and the learning mission of individuals, as a society and as a system.

Activate Human Potential

We seek to generate spaces for reflection and dialogue to foster and cultivate processes of thought and deep learning that generate personal and collective transformation and development.

We know that as a result of the construction of the person, the development of capacities to know and give meaning to the internal and external world, and to activate the sensitivity, intelligence and creative expression, we become more adaptable to reality and more conscious and responsible of our role as agents of change.

Art a bridge

Art, as a manifestation of expression, is a way that has allowed the human being to reflect and understand. We consider works of art as a mirror of the human. Art brings together knowledge, ideas, emotions and experiences that, when materialized in objects or artistic experiences, give us the opportunity, as observers and creators, to come into contact with this wealth, to feel it, to interpret it, and to understand it.

La Vaca Independiente defines art beyond its manifestation as a cultural object, as a discipline that activates and refines sensibility and intelligence. That is, as a way to refine our human qualities; to create spaces of more harmonic, creative, and vital coexistence.