Our History

La Vaca Independiente was founded in 1992 by Claudia Madrazo as a laboratory of creative ideas in search of processes for innovation and personal and social transformation; with art as an ally, teacher and source of inspiration.

Integrating art into everyday life, taking it out of traditional spaces and using it as a vehicle to promote sensitivity, reflection and dialogue led us to search for new proposals to transform educational spaces and stimulate and enrich learning processes.

In 1996, La Vaca Independiente introduced Art to schools with the creation of the dia Program (development of intelligence through art), a powerful model of pedagogical mediation that during 25 years of research, systematization and practice, has transformed teaching practices of thousands of education professionals, the socio-affective relationship of the participants, and the ways of building useful knowledge for life.

Today, our formative, developmental, and research work is recognized nationally and internationally; the transforming power of art has become more relevant and has been amplified to transcend other contexts and socio-cultural spaces.

In a continuous process of creation and co-creation, La Vaca Independiente evolves and redefines itself as a knowledge laboratory that explores the limits of learning, art, human development, and social and cultural evolution.