Our History

La Vaca Independiente was founded in 1992 as an educational and cultural laboratory to promote sensitivity, reflection and dialogue as a practice for the transformation of our ways of living and thinking.

La Vaca Independiente's deepest calling surfaced in 1996 when it introduced art in Mexico's elementary schools as a medium for educational evolution, giving birth to the dia® Program, a beautiful and powerful tool that transforms the relationship between teachers and students, offering a generative method to create spaces for dialogue, knowledge building and integral human development.

Today, 25 years after its foundation, La Vaca Independiente is a generative laboratory of knowledge and experimentation to grow ideas and projects of educational, social and cultural evolution through dialogue and co-creation.

La Vaca Independiente through time:

1992. October 23rd. Foundation of La Vaca Independiente.
1992. EExhibition. La Cámara Seducida at the National Art Museum.
1993. Forum. Museological Analysis at the National Art Museum.
1993. Exhibition. Nouveaux regards: jeunes artistes mexicains. Europalia, Belgium.
1994. Editorial. Frida Kahlo's diary: an intimate self-portrait.
1994. Exhibition. New Looks of Mexican Art. Casa Lamm, Mexico.
1995. dia® Program. Creation and Pilot.
1997. Editorial. Camera! Mexico City monuments of a new generation.
1997. Restoration of the San Martín Building.
1997. Editorial. Manuel Álvarez Bravo.
1998. Research. Educational Research Center Tanesque A.C. researches for three consecutive years the impact of dia® on students.
1998. Expansion, implementation of the dia® Program in 52 schools.
1999. Presentation of the Program. Rome Italy. III International Congress of Mind and Context organized by the European Association for Mediated Learning and Cognitive Modification. David Sasson and Claudia Madrazo.
2000. Teacher training program, 1000 groups in Mexico City and Monterrey.
2001. dia® Program within the Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation (CEVAREPSI).
2002. Editorial. Didactic Book on Sensibilization, Working Guide: Language to Know.
2003. Program in agreement with PEC-Enciclomedia. Training for 10,000.
2005. Conference of David Sasson in Papalote Children's Museum.
2008. Improvement project for CENDI Child Development Centers of the Miguel Hidalgo District.
2009. dia® Program at the Center for Basic Education and Artistic Sensitivity, Melchor Ocampo School, CAM 10.
2011. Agreement with the National School of Normals in the states of Baja California, Campeche, State of Mexico, Guerrero, Nuevo Leon, Quintana Roo, San Luis Potosí.
2011. Lecture at the Ibero-American University of Humberto Maturana "Generation of Worlds."
2011. Diálogos por la educación. In the former convent of San Hipólito Celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Program.
2011. dia® Encounter at the National Art Museum.
2012. Lecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana by Peter Senge.
2013. Presentation at the Botín Foundation of the investigation "Case study CAM 10"
2014. Program in INBA in Baja California, Baktun, Enseña por México (Teach for all – Mexico) Fernando Rodríguez School.
2015. ECO Hospitals for Casa de la Amistad (Children living with Cancer).
2015. Leading Co-Creation. Training Course for Educators.
2015. Diálogos Ser para Aprender y Convivir.
2016.Workshop to Generate Learning Environments for Reading and Writing with gusto, Teachers and Supervisors of AFSEDF.
2016. Diploma in Pedagogical dia® Mediation. First generation.
2016. Enseña por México (Teach for all – Mexico). Program of internships of summer, practices in the Lighthouse of Knowledge - Escandón and co-creation meetings.
2017. Comprehensive program to improve the quality of learning dia® Language and Mathematical Thinking in SEP San Luis Potosí.
2017. Diálogos para Transformar.
2017. Editorial. New book by Frida Kahlo.
2017. 25 years of La Vaca Independiente.