What can we do to provide today's children and youth with relevant and pertinent educational forms
for the world they are living in and where our children and grandchildren will live?

At La Vaca Independiente we are convinced of the need that exists today in Mexico and the world to offer educational forms that, beyond academic learning, generate experiences for human growth; spaces that allow us to activate our potential to participate in the world in a sensitive, reflective and constructive way.

That is why we focus our work in researching, designing and implementing programs for educators who wish to resignify and evolve their teaching work towards new ways of relating and building knowledge with their students.

The proposal we present is the result of a pedagogical construction based on mediation for dialogue, collective construction of knowledge and the integral development of students, teachers and educational leaders to make educational spaces dynamic places, where a safe environment is generated to activate, energize and enjoy the experience of group learning.

In 25 years, we have trained more than 50,000 educational agents, taking listening, reflection and dialogue throughout Mexico.

dia® Mediation for Teaching and Developing Language Skills and Mathematical Thinking:


Begins: Aug ‘17 / Jan ‘18
Duration: 20 hrs
Cost: 2,500 MXN
Theoretical-practical learning experiences to strengthen the disciplinary knowledge and the didactic capacities to improve the levels of achievement in the processes of language and mathematical thinking for teachers in basic education.


Begins: Aug ‘17 / Jan ‘18
Duration: 70 hrs / 4 modules
Cost: 18,000 MXN
• Learning journey that includes training, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
• Option to receive a scholarship of up to 80% of the cost for candidates who successfully approve the selection process.

Specialty Degree

Begins: Jan ‘18
Duration: 140 hrs / 6 modules
Cost: To be defined.
• Learning journey that includes training, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
• Accreditation of studies with official validity.
• Option to receive a scholarship of up to 50% of the cost of the degree.

Workshops, courses and learning journeys
tailored for educators, schools and educational organizations:

Our learning spaces are distinguished by being dynamic learning experiences where we build knowledge with the participants and share specific strategies and tools that meet their needs and interests of personal and professional development. They are offered in the following training areas:

Educational Leadership and Learning Communities

To develop capacities for training, assessment, feedback and follow up in educational and social leaders, as well as to facilitate the link with the scholar community and social participation in educational culture.

dia Mediation

To broaden the knowledge about the construction of learning environments and the development of skills in the participants, as well as for the acquisition of tools for the improvement of the teaching practice and strategies to attend to the diversity of the groups.

Life Tools

For the development of emotional intelligence, creative expression, and cognitive and social skills for harmonious coexistence, as well as human development.

What is dia Mediation?

Each of these our training spaces is designed and developed based on our dia® methodology as a generator of learning spaces and experiences of knowledge construction.

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