Art is a bridge that connects everything.

A window to humanity.

Art moves us, transcends us,

transforms us.

Inspired by the qualities of art and the artistic experience, La Vaca Independiente has embodied a school for life and a proposal for educational, social and cultural evolution.

We focus our work on researching, designing and implementing programs for educators that desire to resignify and evolve their teaching practices towards new ways of relating and building knowledge with their students.

We co-generate projects on the edge of social systems to open spaces for dialogue, contemplation and co-creation. These spaces enable people and organizations in the most vulnerable contexts to see, sense and reinterpret themselves to transform realities whilst developing profoundly human skills.

We do this in order to develop methodologies and frameworks, to build knowledge and to illustrate pathways for personal, social and cultural evolution towards more ethical and aesthetical forms of the human being.

La Vaca Independiente is the name of a painting by artist Abel Quezada, honoring this mexican painter and cartoon artist, our organization takes its name.

Our main areas of work are:

• Education: We promote the evolution of education in collaboration with organizations and social agents from an understanding of the processes of systemic learning and with confidence on the human potential.
• Lab: We co-create new ideas and forms in Generative and Learning Laboratories.
• Consulting: We design and facilitate projects for organizations based on the management of their organizational and cultural evolutionary potential.
• Communities: We build communities of dialogue and reflection in vulnerable contexts.
• Editorial: We document our learning and create personal and social development tools through editorial projects.