Frida Kahlo's Diary Presentation

We present her intimate diary that brings us closer to the woman who shows us her feelings, emotions, thoughts and passions. Each of its pages shares its perception of life and death.

dia Kaleidoscope

It seeks to raise awareness of universal art and culture in order to awaken and refine its ability to perceive, appreciate, reflect, express and enrich its approach to the art world.
Dates: From August 1st to 4th / From August 27 to 31st

dia Sensibilización

Is a transdisciplinary didactic methodology that potentiates the development of four fundamental areas of human development: cognition, communication and language, socialization and emotional development.
Dates: From August 9 to 11 (intensive) and from August 14th to 17 (regular)

Diploma from Teacher to Mediator

To broaden the vision on the potential of the educational space, create and facilitate dynamic and participative learning environments and to design and conduct pedagogical mediation strategies.
Date: August 2017

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